T one minute
100 words. 1 minute.
"What we are? How we are? Who we are?”

Citymarketing Tilburg asked poet/writer Frank van Pamelen to capture it in at most 100 words.
And then they asked cinematographers Martin Kers and Erik-Jan Maalderink to create a 1 minute film.

A quest to find what makes this city special... its unique DNA.
The essence of who we are...

13 Tilburgers on Tilburg.

Words: Frank van Pamelen
Camera: Martin Kers (MMXI)
Grip: Erik-Jan Maalderink (VOXL)
Editing & post-production: Martin Kers (MMXI) Erik-Jan Maalderink (VOXL)
Stadspromotie: Richard Stomp (Kwartiermaker Citymarketing) & Moniek Ijzermans.

Peer van Dun | John Körmeling | Ingrid Luycks | Arno de Both | Jeroen Opstelten | Loutje Bosch | Jasmijn Cantrijn | Jan Zobel | Emine Küçükdanacı | Lex Hogenhout | Steven Brunswijk | Piet Maas | Karin Bruers

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phone: +31650276959