short film | episode one stereotypes

There are stereotypes in each of us
What are we looking for? Authenticity...? Truth…?
And how do we get lost ...?

The Soldier struggles with the near future and is haunted by his past; the world is not predictable and he suffers... Nowadays a pilot carries out bombing missions during the daytime and sits with the family at the dining table in the evenings. Concepts of distance, danger and threat take on a completely different dimension.

The STEREOTYPES project consists of a cycle of six short (dance) films; Encounters with six different characters; the soldier, the wasted one, the suburban housewife, the terrorist, the refugee and the neurotic unofficial. They all have a story that seems familiar to us but is magnified and distorted in all of its stereotipical aspects.  The Soldier is the first film in this series of six and is created by screen dance director / choreographer Kristel van Issum, filmmaker Martin Kers and the Flemish composer Han Stubbe (known from the Antwerp band DAAU). For this first episode the team worked with the American dancer Johnny Lloyd, who has been working  as a performer with the Flemish company EASTMAN of Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui.

cast & crew

concept: Kristel van Issum | Martin Kers
choreography | screendance director: Kristel van Issum
film director: Martin Kers camera | editing | postproduction | animation: Martin Kers
music & soundtrack:  Han Stubbe performed by | co-created with: Johnny Lloyd

production: Martin Kers | Kristel van Issum | DansBrabant
filmed at: Studio Het Dak | de Vrije Ruimte (Theaters Tilburg) and on location

thanks to:
DansBrabant Heleen Volman | Wim van Stam | MakersFonds Tilburg | Prins Bernhard Cultuur Fonds



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