third year students solo films

20 third year students did a filmproject. They each created a dance solo and thought of ways of visualising this.
They came up with a storyboard, chose music and imagined  shots. I was asked to film and edit all of the films.
Shooting was scheduled in four days on two locations. For each student 40 minutes shooting time was available and for editing half a day.
I tried to stay as true as i could to their ideas, because it was intended as a learning experience. The students received the footage for future portfolio purposes. Everything was finished in about 3 weeks and it was a real heavy but nice project :)

Fontys academy of Performing Arts Tilburg 
duration of each film: 4 - 5 minutes | 2021


created with: Marc van Loon | Zeynep Gündüz | all students
students: Aaliyah | Anastasia | Barbara | Conrad | Djamila | Jessey | Martijn | Meri | Sander | Saoirse | Sietske | Sunai | Toon | Jirmeja | Sien | Sophie | Susy | Terra | Nathalie | Cosima
production | camera | editing | post-production | sound: Martin Kers
thanks: Academie Theater Fontys | Hilvaria Studios | JK productions | Ulrika Kinn Svensson

a selection:

Sophie Tukker - the [un]concious

Saoirse Lambkin O’Kane- somnium 

Djamila Ploeg - hardlopen is doodlopen

Dani Chanza - transform

Sunai Yunda Elbers - thoughtdown

Cosima Dudel - a leaf as you are

Anastasia Jansen - rough relieve

Barbara Weinmann - just too far away!

Jessey Stol - wuji

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